Golden Heart - Dracaena Fragrans

Golden Heart - Dracaena Fragrans

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Golden Heart (Dracaena fragrans) is a flowering plant species, native throughout tropical Africa.

The uniqueness of Holden Heart:

  • The variegated leaves – two toned leaves for addition of colour to the indoors
  • Suitable to medium and high light levels, making it versatile


Golden Heart plants are very sensitive to the cold and will show damage even after one night of cold temperatures. They prefer temperatures of 20-25 C, but will tolerate temperatures to around 15 C. The cold damage will result in purple/black leaves.


Best suited to a medium light range, however they are quite unique in that they do well in high light levels as well.

In low light they may lose their variegations and in extreme high light they can sun bleach.

Plant Size: 200mm

Suggested Containers: Aria, Quad


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