Australiana Cilindro - Mimih Spirit Hunting

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Australiana Cilindro is a unique container design exclusive to Ambius. 

The combination of our classic cilindro container and authentic Aboriginal artwork makes this display a stand out piece for any indoors. 

Artwork by: Ezariah Kelly

Title: Mimih Spirit Hunting

The story:

The artists story telling is according to Kunwinjku people of Western Arnhem land. 

Mimihs were the original spirit beings who taught Aboriginal people many of the skills needed to survive in the bush, along with ceremonies, dance and song. 

They can be seen in the rock art of Arnhem land as small dynamic figures. Usually shown with hunting weapons such as spears, woomeras, stone axes and digging sticks. 

The story depicts strength and survival in the natural world. 

Mimih Spirit Hunting @ Ezariah Kelly/ Licenced to Copyright Agency

Plant Size: 250mm

Suggested Plants: Spathiphyllum, Zanzibar Gem